Tuesday, October 28, 2008


photograph by ken heyman.

A huge vote of thanks to Wim for responding to my plea regarding any info on Dutch group, Alabama Kids, a band whose sonic narratives I was fleetingly exposed to while living in Holland in 1992/3.

I should remember more, but - sadly - I don't.

"Schemer operated out of Schagen and was one of the labels from a distribution company called Semaphore, now long defunct."

Written by D. Thung. Recorded live at the Slash Club, Berlin on 26th March, 1992.

ALABAMA KIDS: SAND from "The Lid" EP (Schemer) 1992 (NL)



Brushback said...

This is a totally great track. I've got to find more stuff by these guys now.

ib, you're to blame!

ib said...

I just ordered and paid for their 1991 CD "Earthman Supersmell" on Schemer from Music Stack which features this track, and another fantastic guitar laden monster; "Don't Ask Me".


It cost a grand total of $8 + P+P, from Holland - new - but I just found out I could have got it in the UK for £8 and saved on the P+P; somebody elsewhere was trying to sell a used copy for $59!