Saturday, October 25, 2008


sometime in new york city.

From the album named after the Ballstaan river crossing through the suburbs north of Stockholm, his second release in Sweden. An act of solidarity with Emmett's posting on Wednesday, last week.

Gabor Szabo: guitar; Janne Schaffer: guitar; Wlodek Gulgowski: piano and synthesiser; Pekka Pohjola: bass; Malando Gassama: congas and percussion; Peter Sundell: drums.

Recorded at one of two sessions in Europa Film Studio, Stockholm, on January 6th and 7th, 1978. Written by B. Buie and J.R. Cobb.

Produced by Lars Samuelson; engineered by Leif Allanson.

This one is for Löst Jimmy who is currently weathering the same inclement north Atlantic front. Apologies for the dodgy stereo panning near the end of the track; either that or a fault with the gain.

GABOR SZABO: STORMY from "Belsta River" LP (Four Leaf Clover) 1978 (Sweden)



Anonymous said...

Yes! Gabor loves this tune; I know of at least two versions he recorded.

Is the original by Classics IV, the same band who did Spooky, or am I making that up?

ib said...

Hey, Emmett. Not sure if the original was by Classics IV, or not. I don't think I know them.

I'm going to Google it later and see what I can find. Glad you like this, bro. I knew you would!

ib said...

Damn. You are right, Emmett. Good call!

Lauren said...

Do you have any idea where this photo is from? Please email me at if you can find out. Thanks!