Sunday, October 26, 2008

more sorcery

pablo picasso.

Gabor Szabo: guitar; Jimmy Stewart: guitar; Louis Kabok: bass; Marty Morell: drums; Hal Gordon: percussion.

A huge performance from the 31 year old Sazabo, recorded live at The Jazz Workshop, Boston on April 14th-15th, 1967.

Produced by Bob Thiele; engineered by Ed Begley.

GABOR SZABO: LOS MATADOROS from "More Sorcery" LP (Impulse!) 1967 (US)



Anonymous said...

Ed Begley... is that the father of Ed Begley Jr.???

P.S. Thanks for this. I may keep the ball rolling by posting something from "Bacchanal" next week.

ib said...

That Ed Begley thing you mentioned ? I wondered the very same thing!

I have no idea. If you do put up something from "Bacchanal" I will be there. Rest assured.