Sunday, November 2, 2008

and today's watchword is...

the man who would be king. CDNP headquarters, North-Kivu.
outstanding warrant for crimes against humanity.

F@ck Laurent Nkunda, and the humanitarian crisis he has escalated - almost single handedly, with the iron grip of an evangelical Christian warlord and a sociopath's thirst for personal gain - in the Congo.

May he die young. Slowly. In agony, at the hands of those innocent parties whose lives he has blighted in his relentless pursuit for natural resources and religious and tribal subjugation. Amen.

Crisis ? What bloody crisis ?

It's not all a matter of race, presidential or otherwise. Look to Goma.

Photograph by Cedric Gerbehaye, Agence VU.




Peewit said...

Why am I not surprised there are no comments on this posting? Let's all talk about an irrelevent election in a former colony (Who ever is in charge there still going to screw up the world) and let's ignore the return of genocide. Oh the Congo has no oil so they don't matter then, they can all kill themselves

(the word verification is "packing". I think that's the first time it has actually spelt a real word)

ib said...

Thanks for speaking out on this one, peewit. Nkunda is a genuinely evil bastard; an abiding cancerous presence in that area of Africa where nothing is ever resolved. He needs to be excised with surgical precision, and it is the recurring growth he represents which constantly reminds one as to how ineffectual UN intervention is as a result of the stalled bureaucratic engine which is allowed to drive it.

Rwanda happened because no one was willing to upset the status quo or jeopardise their position within the political infrastructure. The crisis in Zimbabwe escalated for much the same reason, and the reluctance of its neighbour to intervene on the world stage. The same will no doubt be allowed to happen again.

ib said...

As for the word verification; funny, I was actually commenting on this subject elsewhere when I caught word from you.

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