Monday, November 24, 2008

no, not root damage

Recorded sometime between January 13th-20th, 1991 in Stockton, California.

Steve Malkmus: guitar, vocals; Scott Kannberg: guitar, vocals; Gary Young: drums; Bob Nastanovich: percussion; Mark Ibold: bass.

Produced by Pavement.

The dishevelled Gary Young was renowned for making gifts of cabbage and other assorted vegetables to fans in a state of profound inebriation. When I was introduced to him at a venue in Belgium, 1992 - where Pavement were supporting Sonic Youth on their international "Dirty" tour - he handed me a box of spent matches.

Maybe he thought I was intent on razing the hall to the ground. Well. The firebug in me has shrivelled and withered with age.

Then again, perhaps he was just encouraging me to give up smoking.

PAVEMENT: ZURICH IS STAINED from "Slanted And Enchanted" LP (Matador / Big Cat) 1992 (US)



Anonymous said...

Gary is a great drummer and Malkmus is on record as saying he's the best musician he (Malkmus) ever played with.

Always liked this tune...

ib said...

Agreed. I don't think Gary Young is a musician, or a man, to do his thing by half degrees. Both he and Pavement were great that night; I don't how they felt their performance there ranked alongside other stops along the way, but they outshone Sonic Youth so far as I was concerned. Gary Young was in a state of exhaustion by the time he came off stage.