Tuesday, November 4, 2008

right on the button

Produced by Lee 'Scratch' Perry.

JUNIOR MURVIN: BAD WEED from "Bad Weed b/w Cross Over" 12" (Trojan / Upsetter) 1978 (Jamaica)



Meghan McKee said...

i just had someone compare obama to hitler.... yes. you read that right... HITLER. Ugh... can i move over there with you if all goes wrong?

ib said...

HITLER ? And I know you're not kidding me... See, that's the scary thing; the era I grew up in - less than 15 years after WWII - fought to explain to the young exactly the nature of hell endured. None of this PC shit, where people now whine like fuckers as a result, and make the most absurd comparisons with no fear of getting the shit beaten out of them.

Of course you can move over here, SA' let's just ensure that fucking asshole gets transported to the Congo with no passport. Then we can hear him (or her) whine like a whipped cur when he realises how little his birthright safeguards him.

ib said...

Seriously, on reflection, SA, I think we should simply strap him together with Michael J. Fox and blast him back 60 odd years in time so he he can get a handle on he Eastern Front.

Meghan McKee said...

hehe..... well no worries... the correct person won. I sigh a huge sigh of relief. It's amazing how the world was waiting on the edge of their seats for the answer too.

The sad thing is I am a passport holding american. i have traveled all over the world. the unfortunate part is that i am a minority here. Only about 10% of americans have their passports and out of those 10%, 8% actually use them. Scary eh? Glad to see i am in a statistic.

ib said...

I haven't traveled nearly enough. But I stayed up last night long enough to see how far American politics has traveled in the past 40 years. Congratulations.