Friday, November 14, 2008

percy the park keeper

"percy" by eliot.

This was my son's interpretation of "Percy the Park Keeper", aged five, in his first year at school. I had to take it down off my wall to scan it.

Here, Percy resembles a park keeper just as they ought to be. More fittingly than any I have ever seen, certainly. Even on an autumn trip into what passes as the woods.

Getting in the seasonal employ of the city's "Parks & Recreation" is a much sought after gig. During the summer months, especially.

"Gnarly" is our word for ce jour.

Daevid Allen: guitar, vocals; Francis Bacon: VCS3 synth, electric & upright pianos, bass; Tim Blake: VCS3 synth, crystal machine, vocals; Steve Hillage: guitars; Rachid Houari: drumbox; Didier Malherbe: soprano & tenor saxes, flute; Gilli Smyth: orgone box, vocals, space whispers; Christian Titsch: slide guitar.

Produced by Georgio Gomelsky; Brian Auger; and Magma. Epic.

Hellos to Emmett, and Mick from Raiding The Vinyl Archive.

GONG: ZERO THE HERO AND THE WITCH'S SPELL from "Flying Teapot Vol. I: Radio Gnome Invisible" LP (Virgin) 1973 (UK)



Anonymous said...

amazing production team!

ib said...


Did you check out Gomelsky's production on The Action (in the wake of his association with the Yardbirds) here previously, Emmett ?

Brilliant stuff.

This was the first Gong album I bought. I suffered a good deal of ribbing as a result, too. Lots of good memories of this LP, though.

Peewit said...

I think I got Camambert first but it was all so long ago and shrouded in mystery.

lots of good stuff here posted while I've been busy. Took the kids to see Grease the Musical on Saturday night.

ib said...

I would love to walk into a shop and ask for some "Camambert, shrouded in mystery". It seems very fitting!

Was "Grease" any good ? I still often find myself humming the Frankie Valli tune from the soundtrack.