Thursday, November 27, 2008

el torro! avant la pique

"avant la pique" by pablo picasso. linocut, 1959.

Wouldn't it have been entertaining to witness the vastly overrated Ernest Hemmingway trotting through the sawdust in circles with a lance in his fat ass ? Considering the severely weighted odds, the spectacle of the 'noble' bullfight feels akin to watching emaciated gladiators defend themselves with wooden swords and one hand tied behind their backs.

Produced by John Cale.

THE MODERN LOVERS: PABLO PICASSO from "The Modern Lovers" LP (Beserkley) 1976 (US)



WZJN said...

Isn't this just about one of the best songs nobody knows about? I'd pirate the airwaves at various parties and play this, and everyone would be "What the ...? Who IS this?"

Nice selection.

ib said...

The cover by Burning Sensations which is on the soundtrack to 1984's "Repo Man" is interesting too, but nothing beats JR's original.

I was just listening to a cover of "She Cracked" by Seaweed over on Swan Fungus:

Again, though, the original is impossible to trump. Thanks, WZJN.


Both great, & I always liked John Cale's version. (perhaps more bleak?)

ib said...

I don't think I've heard JC's version, but immediately I read your mentioning "more bleak ?" I could hear how it might sound in my head, with that peculiar unconsciously snide delivery he has; I'm thinking "The Gift", although his timbre has deepened with age.

You're right. Jonathan Richman is such a nice guy; it's hard to imagine him hurting a fly, and I am cynical enough to believe the worst, usually.

Brushback said...

Yeah, always loved this song, wish I still had the album of demos from this LP... maybe I'll get on that soon.

ib said...

Yes. "The Original Modern Lovers" Kim Fowley sessions is available on CD through Bomp. I don't have it, so I may follow suit.


Here it is.
Pablo Picasso by John Cale from Guts 1977 (probably his most 'rock' album).

ib said...

Hey! Thanks, nate! Pretty cool; and definitely a lot more jaundiced. I like that "Cold Turkey" feel to it. Thanks.