Sunday, November 16, 2008

VS 184: out to lunch

sex sans sid.

the full english. cherry vanilla smokes some pipe.

Written by Steve Jones; Glen Matlock; Paul Cook; Johnny Rotten. Recorded at Wessex Studios, London.

Produced by Chris Thomas and Bill Price.

F@ck me! Not only is our Glen sporting jumbo chords, he's also the spitting f@cking image of Alan Partridge. Sadly, too, my own dodgy 'do hasn't changed much either. Now. Just keep suckin'.

michael footnote #2:

Of course, it is impossible to think of this song outside the visual reference of the accompanying video footage featuring Sid, but his contribution to the tumbling wall of sound was, from all accounts, practically nil. According to Glen Matlock, the riff was originally inspired by listening to Abba's "S.O.S." played over a transistor radio in Malcolm McLaren's shop on the Kings Road.

SEX PISTOLS: PRETTY VACANT from "Pretty Vacant b/w No Fun" 45 (Virgin) 1977 (UK)



Chevy Chaser said...

this is a great song. I bought a t-shirt of this album some 10 years ago, and I had no idea what sex pistols was at that time, I just liked the art. I´ve grown to know them though, and this is one of my favorites. In regard to the picture in the Layla post, I agree it is very beautiful and i found it on pattie´s website:

that pipe should come with a rubber...

ib said...

This is, beyond doubt, my favourite Pistols' 45 over two sides. Even the Serial number is still ingrained in my memory after 30 years.

Thanks for the link, Chevy, to the Patti site.

In these pre HIV days, rubbers were pretty much redundant...

Mondo said...

And the Vacant verse is a lift from the Small Faces 'Wham Bam Thank You Mam' - Have you checked out the Classic Albums DVD of NMTB? Tons of info-Nuggets on there. All the band, and production team are interviewed about the making of the album - with some truly great footage and sackload of extras - I can't recommend it enough.

Jonesy did almost all of the bass for NMTB - but if you look out for a bootleg 'Party Til You Puke' there's a version of Submission with Sid on bass

would you believe the verification word is intempo - marvellous

ib said...

Ah! "Submission".

What a song! Stay tuned for more on this in the imminent future, PM.

LV said...

i never realised what a shortarse Paul Cook was(I presume he has grown a bit since) but this photo is a revelation...he must have had cushions on his drum stool...wonderful photo of Cherry Vanilla, what a Foxy Bitch!!
classy stuff!

Anonymous said...

Sex pistols, stiff little fingers, sham 69, and lots of other bands I can't remember!? Timeless times.
Not that I was a true punk, i wasn't, but i appreciated the rebellion.
Anyway, the photo is highly erotic and has inspired the following scribe...inspired by the feeling of my girlfriends back in the morning.:-)
Warmth on a bollock freezing morning with
woman nudging spine.
Slamming community block door echoing
up the landing.
Why don’t they shut it fucking quietly?
Women nudging spine feels for fingers,
for skin and bone.
Finding them, her breath deepens.
No effort.
Strapped onto drum, I roll onto a feminine
belly that welcomes my tension.
Torsos grip onto the seconds that are theirs.
No effort.
Spinning clock halts and asks for obedience.


ib said...


Funny that. Now you've drawn my attention to it, it seems remarkable I have never really noticed quite how short Paul Cook was previously.

Maybe that's why he took up drumming in the first place ? The only gig with a seat on the stage.

The pic of Cherry (Cherry Picker ?) is great, agreed. Sadly, I don't know who took the photograph, but I'm glad somebody did.

ib said...


Nice poem.

What is it with people on communal landings and in tower blocks, specifically ? Nobody ever seems to just close a door behind them, they ALL fucking slam them. It's like a deep-seated compulsion to announce their presence. Or internal seething fury.