Tuesday, November 4, 2008

kiss all the fannies you can

it might never last....

(image 'lifted' from matt @ perceptions. delusions.)

In British parlance, "fanny" = pussy, so the very act involves a good deal less bending over backwards. Per se.

PAPER 003. Written by Norman Blake. With love from Glasgow; nearly. Bellshill is close enough. A kiss away and home to Sheena Easton.

TEENAGE FANCLUB: EVERYTHING FLOWS from "Everything Flows b/w Primary / Speeder" 45 (Paperhouse) 1990 (UK)



Anonymous said...

Sorry no english. Magnífica tu página, llena de calidad y buen gusto.Congratulations.Many Thanks for Photos y Music.

ib said...

Gracias, Germt. Mi español no es bueno, pero soy agradecido para su comentario.

LV said...

The British meaning is much more palatable: )

ib said...


Unknown said...

So, they sprung me from the nuthouse... for a couple of weeks anyhow.
...Got me zonked on mellowing agents and sleepers, for now, and am going to an 'en-trainment' facility within the next couple weeks... Should be back online regular starting mid December.

Thanks for your nice words and encourage-ment e-mails, ib. Very truely appreciated.

ib said...

Good to hear from you, Matt. It's better to be out and feeling kind of groggy, than being in and feeling the same way.

looking forward to seeing you up and running again, amigo; been missing the regular commentary sparring. Take it easy.

Löst Jimmy said...

ib - muy bien to your Spanish!

As for fannies and British Parlance - hoorah!

ib said...

I'd dearly like to take credit for the Spanish, löst jimmy, but I was forced to used a free translation widget to get this far.

"Hoorah!", for sure!