Tuesday, November 25, 2008

yes, root damage

pulp chambers.
"source: nutritional and physical degeneration by weston a. price."

"Fig. 137 - Case of a girl who had forty-two cavities in twenty-four teeth. With the diet reinforced with activator X, the pulp chambers built in secondary dentin and all the teeth were saved. Full dentures had been recommended."

I have just this morning visited my dentist. Fortunately, all that was prescribed was a scale and polish.

Earlier in the car park on our way to school I had a minor altercation with the father of a nineteen year old woman who previously attempted to mow down both me and my son and a neighbour's young children. Naturally, I remonstrated with the man's daughter over said incident. Big fucking deal.

Apparently, people with a compulsion to plough recklessly through residential areas in charge of two and a half thousand lbs of steel feel both victimised and terrorised should one feel obliged to complain.

And show some teeth.

I'll say it again - with full Phil Spector production - for the clearly hard of hearing:

"fuck you."


Peewit said...

It's funny how drivers are always in the right when they are in the wrong. One of the things that really gets my goat is the drivers who ignore the directional arrows in Supermarket etc. car parks They wouldn't ignore a directional arrow on a one way street so why are car parks different?

When my boy was much younger I (who would generally not say boo to a goose) nearly decked a BMW driver who was driving at speed the wrong way up a lane in a Costco Car park. My boy who at that stage was going though his "running" phase (that is as soon as he was released from his seat belt or pram restraint he would run to wherever he wanted to go regardless of whether that was where everyone else was going) had run out in front of him and he had had to brake. He shouted at me for not controlling my child and he just did not understand why I was so angry with him for endangering my child because he was breaking the law and was where he was not supposed to be. He felt that it was his divine right to drivee whatever way he wanted when he wanted to

Ironically the word verification for this was "carge" A perfect summation of my car rage!

ib said...

Thanks, peewit. Your comment almost perfectly sums up my own ire for idiots who feel temporarily invulnerable and godly from the comfort of a horseless chariot.

The bit that got me was this guy saying "That's my dauughter; she's nineteen years old."

I was like, "And ? There's my son; he's nine and he only thinks he's Colin McRae when he's on his Playstation. Now, fuck off!"

Apparently, his daughter told both him and his wife that I tried to gain entry to her car and she felt "terrorised". Bollocks. Fortunately, there were other witnesses and a very unsightly scene was averted with two grown men rolling about in the car park with fists and feet flailing.

I half expected the girl's granny to appear from the boot of their car as well.

Given the incident originally took place yesterday, and her dad - who wasn't even present - lay in wait until this morning to accost me, I consider him lucky to get away without a proper chibbing. His daughter seemingly finds it acceptable to use a residents only car park as her own private Brands Hatch and negotiate a turn at 25mph.

ib said...


Your comment kind of takes the sting out of my "carge", so thanks for that!