Saturday, November 8, 2008

vintage alternative tv

DFC 02.

DFC 05.

Mark Perry: vocals; Alex Fergusson: guitar, vocals; Tyrone Thomas: bass guitar; John Towe: drums.

Both tracks written by Perry and Fergusson.

mark perry with mick jones, may 4th, 1977.
"backstage at ian hunter's gig; hammersmith odeon", london.

ALTERNATIVE TV: HOW MUCH LONGER from "How Much Longer b/w You Bastard" 45 (Deptford Fun City) 1977 (UK)

ALTERNATIVE TV: LIFE from "Life b/w Love Lies Limp" 45 (Deptford Fun City) 1978 (UK)



marmiteboy said...

Mark Perry is a top bloke. I'm a little too young to have read 'Sniffin' Glue' but I recognise its place within the whole ounk scene. Its influence is far reaching and when it got big Perry stopped producing it because it had outgrown the whole ethic of punk.

Danny Baker joined the broadcasting mainstream (if only on the fringes) and Perry never sold out.

Credit where credit is due.

ib said...

Funnily enough. On Saturday afternoon, after I'd posted this, I had a conversation with a bloke in the market where I was purchasing bootleg tobacco; we talked about Daevid Allen and Gong and from there ATV and Here & Now. Two sides of the same coin.

I only found out recently Mark P. is still going strong - hence the link to his site. As for Danny Baker; well, at least he never turned into a fully fledged Jonathan Wosser.

Anonymous said...

Talking of 'credit where credit is due' it's a shame Mark P. STILL won't give Tyrone Thomas song writing credits for writing THAT bass-line on Love Lies Limp (and I can tell you on good authority that he did)
Mark P's never been an easy character to deal with, from what I've heard.
Still, they were indeed a great outfit, with their own little pigeonhole in punk history.
They did a wicked Peel session or two in their time as well.
Yeah, Mark P.'s still going
strong doing his own thing, likewise Tyrone Thomas, and Alex Ferguson too.

ib said...

Interesting comment, Moggy; the bass-line is what makes "Love Lies Limp" tick, so I definitely sympathise with Tyrone Thomas.

Thanks for setting the record straight, and for confirming - by heresay - some long-held suspicions.