Wednesday, November 5, 2008

the sleeper awakes

"ORIGIN via Latin from Greek
narkissos, perhaps from narké 'numbness', with reference to its narcotic effects."

Joe Henderson: tenor saxophone; Mike Lawrence: trumpet; Herbie Hancock: piano, electric piano; Ron Carter: bass instrument, electric bass; Jack De Johnette: drums.

JOE HENDERSON: BLACK NARCISSUS from "Power To The People" LP (Fantasy) 1969 (US)





As I sat with my family last night & watched Obama's victory speech with tears welling in my eyes, thinking how close we as a people had come to walking down the wrong branch of a dangerous fork in the road of our existence, & overjoyed that the American people had made the necessary yet difficult choice for the hope of today & many tommorows, I was filled with an overwhelming dread that a rifle-shot would ring out & a blossoming rose of blood would sprout from Barack's whitest of shirts & he would crumple to the stage floor & the dreams of the future would die on live TV in Chicago USA. I was even afraid to voice my dread for fear the saying might create the doing & my apprehension would somehow be party to the blame. After the speech & the hugs & the handshakes had ended, I spoke my fears to my family & wondered aloud how long it might take for this nightmare to pass from my imagining. My daughter said that until nothing untoward transpired, the trepidation would linger, because here in America, I had become filled with the feeling that the finest dream will ever be shattered.

Until nothing untoward transpires...I dare to hope for that day, yet with each day will dawn the whispered threat of 'tomorrow? tomorrow?'. It is a hope buried in many strata of doubt layered on by a past of dead Kennedys & stolen elections & burning of the Reichstag Twin Towers.

Rejoice, rejoice! As the sleeper awakes, let unfettered hope return...let nothing untoward transpire.

ib said...

I woke my son this morning for (primary) school and while I made him breakfast, I mentioned that for the first time in history a black American had just been elected president. He just nodded.

On our way back home I asked him if his teacher had mentioned anything in class regarding the U.S. election. He shrugged and said:

"Just the usual stuff. You know, she said it was amazing that a black American had just been elected as President of the United States."

Then he looks me in the eye and says,"But he could get assassinated." His forehead creasing in concentration. "The odds must be about 10-1, if you're an American president, dad."

This was about fifteen minutes before I read your comment.

"let nothing untoward transpire." Damn straight.