Tuesday, November 18, 2008

the billy ghosts gruff

We are brittle. We are boned. First cut is the deepest.

You are invited.

ian begg: vocals; gus macdonald: guitar; fiona macdonald: bass; ken warner: guitar; jimmy johnstone: drums.

GHOSTS: GOLDILOCKS from "The Lost Album" TEAC demos (Maryjane) 1992 (UK)


LV said...

okay i think i get it...
pretty boy!
i love it.
nice work..

Peewit said...

More Ghosts!


I second the peewit.
more ghosts!

also, while i was listening to listening i looked for listening & i found it, but i also found the listening which i've been listening to. i posted up one of their songs if you want to listen to the listening.

ib said...


I'll be along to "listen to the listening" presently; missed it last night - got pissed and passed out.

LV: that boy is a girl!

Anonymous said...

Dude, is this your band??

ib said...

Indeed it is, Emmet.

Actually, I have posted a fair bit of our old shit these past few months.

Anonymous said...

Cool. I had no idea. Good stuff! Maybe one of these days I'll post my band from 8th grade... "The Puce Moment" :)

ib said...

Well. I was a tad cagey in introducing them, intially. It's a long time ago.

"The Puce Moment" ? Sounds colourful AND loud.