Sunday, November 30, 2008

plan 9 from outer space

The Austin collective's second release for International Artists - the same label responsible for inflicting Mayo Thompson's fellow Texas Rangers, the Red Krayola on the record buying public - is yet more psychedelic hillbilly fare best known, perhaps, for the 8 minute plus joint Erickson and Hall opus, "Slip Inside This House", opening side 1. The first song here is penned by guitarist/producer, Stacy Sutherland; the second by Roky and Tommy.

Of course. Barack Obama slips inside the house presently, while the Texans mosey on out with their tails between their legs. And take the silverware with them before the flying saucers touch down on the western world's best maintained lawn.

Roky Erickson: vocals;
Dan Galindo: bass; Stacy Sutherland: guitar;
Tommy Hall: jug; Danny Thomas: drums
Produced by Stacy Sutherland & engineered by Frank Davis.
listen to the mekon

13th FLOOR ELEVATORS: NOBODY TO LOVE from "Easter Everywhere" LP (International Artists) 1967 (US)

13th FLOOR ELEVATORS: DUST from "Easter Everywhere" LP (International Artists) 1967 (US)



Ramone666 said...

Roky for president!

ib said...

Ha! Well, NASA would be first to get a huge cash injection, regardless of the state of the economy, I suspect.