Sunday, November 23, 2008

levitate me

design by vaughn oliver, of 23 envelope.

Recorded March, 1987 (1987-03) at Fort Apache Studios, Roxbury, Massachusetts. Originally released on British independent, 4AD - a subsidiary of Beggars Banquet - under Ivo Watts-Russell.

Black Francis: guitar, vocals; Kim Deal (Mrs. John Murphy): bass, vocals; Joey Santiago: guitar; David Lovering: drums.

Written by Black Francis, Mrs. John Murphy, David Lovering, and Jean Walsh. Produced by Gary Smith; engineered by Paul Kolderie.

"Come on pilgrim, you know He loves you."

PIXIES: LEVITATE ME from "Come On Pilgrim" LP (4AD) 1987 (US)



mr.kenneth said...

Vaughn Oliver's designs are fantastic aren't they?

I wonder if there's a collection of 4AD art published along the lines of Matthew Robertson's "Factory Records - The Complete Graphic Album" (which sadly is not complete ... grrr) ?

Terrific song too ... thanks ib!

ib said...

There definitely ought to be, Mr. K!

I met Vaughn once - in his pre-Pixies era - when he was still operating out of the basement of Beggars Banquet, and mixing spray paint in buckets of water to photograph for his designs for the Cocteau Twins. He seemed like a really nice guy, driven by the urge to get his work out unadulterated by account executives and creative directors. 4AD, and 23 Envelope, was the ideal place and moment in time for him to do just that.

He studied as an illustrator, rather than a typographer, and I think that's reflected in his approach to fonts and text.

Thanks for the comment; that you like the song too is a bonus!