Thursday, November 13, 2008

and the lights all went down

"north end alley", boston, massachusetts.
photograph by william albert allard.

The pictorial reference above is not quite Amherst, but at least we're in the general ball-park, geographically speaking.

Produced and written by J Mascis; drums by Murph; mellotron by Sean Slade. Engineered and mixed by Sean Slade and Paul Q. Kolderie.

After parting company with Sub Pop - and Lou Barlow - after just one single, "The Wagon", J Mascis was quick to release Dinosaur Jr's fourth long player; their first for a major label.

With Murph only sitting in on three tracks in the studio, "Green Mind" is essentially to be regarded as a solo project.

"Priscilla" (1969). Photograph by Joseph Szabo.

DINOSAUR JR: THUMB from "Green Mind" LP (Blanco Y Negro / Sire) 1991 (US)



Peewit said...

Ok, am I going mad. I'm sure when I logged on this afternoon it was the Bee Gees attached to this post. Are you playing mind games, ib?

ib said...

No. And you are perfectly sane, peewit.

I started today with the Bee Gees' "Massachusetts", changed my mind and put up "New York Mining Disaster 1941", then changed it again...

A strange day; and I didn't think anybody had noticed!

I'm sticking with "Dinosaur Jr" because of its relevance to the previous day's post.

Sorry about the shenanigans! I promise I'm not playing "green" mind games.


I've noticed this kind of behavior going on quite a bit around here. I think you're just trying to find out if we're really paying attention or if we're just brain-dead zombies.
(being a vegetarian - I say 'Fresh Grains...Fresh Grains')

ib said...

Sadly, I lack the foresight to employ random testing of any description on this site - or in real life, too, for that matter...

I am just impetuous (I had to look that one up) some of the time.

Ha! "Fresh Grains". Nice. I haven't seen "Return Of The Living Dead" for what seems like an eternity. It has missed the TV slots here, while Romero is on quite frequently. Even Lucio Fulci.