Friday, November 28, 2008

where the pyramid meets the eye

eye of horus.

"The Eye is traditionally considered a symbol of power.
It was also believed to have protective and healing powers and is associated with
rebirth. It was a popular funerary amulet to give protection in the next world -
one was found on the mummy of Tutankhamen.

More recently the Eye has been linked to the all seeing eye of the Masons
and the eye in the pyramid of the US Great Seal."

third eye.


Empire Hancock said...

The photo makes me think of John Cale's "The Jeweler". If you've heard it, I'm sure you know why. ;)

ib said...

Damn. Another song I need to look into. Thanks for the pointer, EH.

Have you seen Sydney Lumet's "The Pawnbroker", with Rod Steiger in the lead role ? A great film, and just about the only role of Steiger's I can stomach.

There is something about jeweler's blankets and pawnbrokers which fascinate me.


I believe The Illustrared Man with Steiger to be quite good, too.

word verification is redish

ib said...

Yes! I'd forgotten about that one. Great film, and - of course - Ray Bradbury was a fantastic writer.

The radish was redish, and my resentment was rash.