Monday, November 17, 2008

sorry: i'm tied up

"Some people think

little girls should be
seen and not heard,

but I think..."

- Poly Styrene (née Marion Elliot).

Get knotted ?

Poly Styrene: vocals; Lora Logic (Susan Whitby): saxophone; Paul Dean: bass; Jack Airport (Jack Stafford): guitar; B.P. Hurding: drums.

X-RAY SPEX: OH BONDAGE UP YOURS! from "Oh Bondage Up Yours! b/w I Am A Cliché" 45 (VIRGIN) 1977 (UK)


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ib said...

Actually, you may recall that "Sorry, I'm Tied Up" was the title of a song from Andy Ellison's - formerly of John's Children - Radio Stars' "Stop It!" EP on Chiswick; more famous for its "No Russians in Russia".

From the inspiration behind a post title to a completely different song in the blink of an eye...