Saturday, November 29, 2008

bang, bang (my baby shot me down)

caution: sibling shot on the bleachers.

Written, of course, by Sono Bono. From the first of only two studio releases by the overlooked Reid, who suffered as the result of producer, Mickie Most's mismanaged business interests; not quite coincidentally, the LP also featured a reworking of Donovan's "Season Of The Witch".

Terry Reid famously declined guitarist, Jimmy Page's invitation to join the New Yardbirds as first choice in the role of lead singer. Which was good news for one Robert Plant.

TERRY REID: BANG, BANG (MY BABY SHOT ME DOWN) from "Bang, Bang (You're Terry Reid)" LP (Epic) 1968 (UK)



marmiteboy said...

Great record this. This guy should have been huge.

ib said...

Agreed. Have you heard "Super Lungs" ?
The guy was an amazing vocalist, a capable songwriter, and a rather good guitarist too.

I hadn't heard Terry Reid until this belated retrospective release, and it's very sad he never got the recognition he deserved.

Empire Hancock said...

Cheap Trick did a Terry Reid tune on their first record, which made me wonder how it compares to the original and what the rest of his stuff might have sounded like.

ib said...

EH, the rest of his stuff is something approaching brilliant. Seriously. And I love Cheap Trick.

Mallory Weiss said...

"Something approaching brilliant" is a pretty accurate description. Great post, thanks. Hopefully there will be more attention turned his way - he's turning 60 this year.

ib said...

Cheers, Mallory. Terry Reid is certainly deserving of attention and recognition.