Sunday, November 2, 2008

sibling whispers #17: live jam

Let's cross-pollinate.

Head over to Nothin' Sez Somethin' for a very rarified "Live Jam" with some very special guests.

From the sleeve to "A Can Of Bees":
"This album is dedicated to anyone who started out as an animal and winds up as a processing unit."

Re-released in 1984. Robyn Hitchcock's take on classic John; produced by Spaceward.

THE SOFT BOYS: COLD TURKEY (LIVE) from "A Can Of Bees" LP (Two Crabs International) 1979 (UK)




thanks for the link.
also thanks for the story above.
i've always been intrigued by the weird relationship between stepparent & stepchildren.
hoping the piece is fiction (or ...alized).
my favorite part is 'kerb',
but i'm kinda twisted.

Word Verification is "prego".
in these trying times, i think even we atheists whisper 'prego'.

ib said...

Fictionalized. Yes. The last line isn't.

I was laughing about it earlier in the kitchen, drinking coffee and rye whiskey.

It is almost too close for comfort.

'Kerb' is a good word. 'Prego' is just scary, but 'preggo' would have been worse.

That live jam is terrific. Seriously great. Thanks.