Saturday, November 22, 2008

eh, mushroom, will you mush my room?

SR 10009.

From what is sometimes referred to as the "Lost Gong Album", featuring as it does full support from Daevid Allen and musical entourage. This is perhaps the most conventional arrangement on the LP, ending side 1 with a vocal contribution from William S. Burroughs, immediately preceding the psychedelic freak out which sprawls across the entirety of side 2; "Cielo Drive/17".

Dashiell Hedayat: vocal, guitar, keyboards; Daevid Allen: lead guitar; Didier Malherbe: sax, flute; Christian Tritsch: bass, acoustic guitar; Pip Pyle: drums, guitar; Gilli Smyth: vocal; with Robert Wyatt, voice; William S. Burroughs, voice.

Recorded at Strawberry Studio on May 1971.

"Warning: This record must be played as loud as possible, must be heard as stoned as impossible and thank you everybody."

Grab it while it's hot. And steamy.

DASHIELL HEDAYAT: EH, MUSHROOM WILL YOU MUSH MY ROOM (part iii): LONG SONG FOR ZELDA from "Obsolete" LP (Shandar) 1971 (France)




This song is THE SHIT!
but hook us up with
Cielo Drive
(Tate/Man Son flashes)
Ceilo Drive
I took my friends by the house
a few years back while in L.A.
before it was razed.
But it was still crazed.
They were scared to go inside.
They were scarred to go insane.
They were sacred to go inane.
Bill S. croaking out from the grave
Putting the touch on a croaker
for a script for some M.
Pater is today's secret word.
You are the Dogpater
of the obsolete.

ib said...

"Dogpater" ? You are too kind.

Great lines, nate. I didn't know the house got razed, but it's understandable. Who would want to live there, after all ?

Glad you like this one.