Thursday, September 25, 2008

beale street rust

photograph by sly parrish.

"Driving in my big black car
Nothing can go wrong

I'm going and I don't know how far

So. so long

Maybe I'll sleep in a Holiday Inn

Nothing can hurt me

Nothing can touch me

Why should I care ?
Driving's a gas
It ain't gonna last

Sunny day, high

If it rains it's all the same
I can't feel the pain

I can't feel a thing."

- Alex Chilton.

Another DUI. Or maybe just an insurance number.

Shiny Happy People
Holding Hands in the back seat. A ribbon of charred tape. Roaches in the ash tray. A black hole in the dashboard where the cigarette lighter ought to be. Copper wiring.

BIG STAR: BACK OF A CAR (ALTERNATIVE TAKE '74) from "Beale Street Green" CD (Balboa Pop) 1996 (US)

BIG STAR: BIG BLACK CAR from "Third: Sister Lovers" LP (PVC) 1975 (US)




Brushback said...

Don't think I've ever heard that particular verion of "Back of a Car"... I love the original, the drums are so thunderous.

Unknown said...

I'm in the same boat as BrushBack... It's new to me, and that is great (to me).
Thanks for keeping on with amazing posting... Groundskeeper!

as a side-note: I didn't mean to relegate you to groundskeeper willy status in that post over at my place... it seems i flippantly derided a couple people with that post. no foul intended, ya rogue-ish scot, you!

ib said...

Brushback: Having overdosed on the "Radio City" version, I quite like the "Beale Street Green" version, actually. But yes; naturally the original is hard to beat.

Matt: Did you just call me a Scottish "tool" ? Or did you just mean "rake" ?