Friday, September 5, 2008

ilyas ahmed: this dust

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between two skies. now reissued and available on digitalis.

While trawling around today waiting for fish to bite, I crashed in on an excellent post by Evan on Ilyas Ahmed's "Century Of Moonlight". The first time I ever heard this stuff was on Swan Fungus, too; "This Dust", from an undisclosed CD-R on a 50 copy run. Ahmed's self-released hallucinogenic acoustic workouts are notoriously difficult to source.

I've tried. I believe some of his work has been re-issued on Digitalis, but still in severely limited quantities.

Evan says:

"In May of 2007 I attended the Bottling Smoke Festival here in Los Angeles, and Ilyas Ahmed performed on the festival's opening evening, and I was instantly taken with his codeine-slow experimental folk compositions."

Born in Pakistan and raised in New Jersey, apparently, Ilyas now resides in Portland, Oregon. Quite unable to source an appropriate image for this post, in the best 'Blue Peter' tradition: "here is one I prepared earlier", instead. This is a good deal more current than the standard fare featured on SibLINGSHOT, but given the criminal unavailabity of Ahmed's recordings, and the paltry information available online, it would be ludicrous to further neglect him.

Thank you, Evan.

Please feel free to drop by and correct any inadvertent misinformation.‡

‡From Boomkat:

"This Digitalis release reissues a pair of releases by Pakistan-born Portlander Ilyas Ahmed, who originally released the albums Between Two Skies and Towards The Night in runs of just 50 copies each. Pete Swanson takes on remastering duties, while David Keenan dishes out extensive liner notes, introducing you to Ahmed's work, which only recently saw a first, proper release thanks to Time Lag's issuing of The Vertigo Of Dawn. These primitive recordings house some remarkably beautiful sounds, largely focussed on Ahmed's solo guitar playing and mournfully howling voice."

ILYAS AHMED: THIS DUST from "Between Two Skies" CD-R (Self-Released) 2007 (US)



rrudolphjr said...

This Dust is on the the CD Between Two Skies.

ib said...

thanks, flyingdeer.