Sunday, September 21, 2008

can: paper house

photograph by charles gatewood.

Holger Czukay: bass
Michael Karoli: guitar
Jaki Liebezeit: drums
Irmin Schmidt: keyboards
Damo Suzuki: vocals

Written and produced by Can. Engineered by Holger Czukay.

CAN: PAPER HOUSE from "Tago Mago" LP (Spoon / Gema) 1971 (Germany)



Brushback said...

Did not ever know much about Can, but I'm digging this song a whole lot.

There's two eras of Can, right? One with the Japanese singer, and one with some other guy singing?

ib said...

Yeah. Damo Suzuki was vocalist with Can between 1970 and late 1973. His last performance with the group was on 25th August 1973 at the Empire Theatre, Edinburgh, Scotland. I have never really gotten into post Damo Can, although Holger Czukay - the bass player - has issued a couple of solo albums in 1979 and 1981 which are very interesting.

The last studio album with Suzuki is 1973's "Future Days", another great krautrock album.

The Fall's Mark E. Smith is a huge fan, going so far as to release a track called "I Am Damo Suzuki" on 1985's "This Nation's Saving Grace".

I'm glad yo like this one, Brushback.

Your driver said...

LIked the Can song OK, but that photo is not by Mary Ellen Mark. I can't remember the guy's name, but I had a book of photographs by him. He took some truly alarming photos along with some very funny ones. Gave the book to a friend many years ago.

ib said...

Jon, you are right. It's by a guy called Charles Gatewood; it doesn't even remotely resemble anything by Mary Ellen Mark, but I was tired when I captioned it. After scanning it from one of my favourite books - "The Family Of Children", Jonathan Cape, 1977.

Thanks, I'll change the caption right now.

Your driver said...

Gatewood, right. I couldn't remember his name. He took a picture of a tattooed fetus that has left me disturbed to this day.

ib said...

There's a huge chasm betwen this picture and those later fetsh photographs Gatewood appears to be famous for.

Kind of like Richard Kern, but more intimidating.

Was this an untouched photograph of a tattooed fetus ? That would disturb me too. I am averse to seeing young children even with conventional ear piercings.