Thursday, September 4, 2008

a bolt from the blue

Well. I just got back from a late afternoon shopping spree with my son. We picked up some pre-owned PlayStation 2 games - are you reading this, Rockstar ? - and on the way back we stopped off in a Sainsbury's for some badly needed Thursday night groceries.

As a result, I can now officially announce the winner of ib's budget energy drink of the week. For too long now top prize has gone to Tesco for their Red Bull mockery, Kick, but the gloves are off. At a mere 10p more per 250ml tin, Sainsbury's Blue Bolt - only 49p! - nearly sends even the premium brigade shuffling off down the aisle in shame.

In fact, I'll go out on a limb and suggest it's actually more delectable than Red Bull, and, brothers and sisters, I ought to know.

For a while there it looked like Rockstar (no relation, I don't think) was going to pinch the title, but even though it comes in a Relentless supersize can, at 99p it is close to punching below its weight. Somerfield had a stab at taking on the heavyweights early in the week with their special offer King 888, sneaking in all the way from Las Vegas, Nevada at under 50p, but given that this particularly awful supermarket chain is notorious for the shocking prices it normally charges we can safely dismiss any genuine claim. Besides, while it doesn't taste like shit exactly, it's a bit too 'sporty' for my taste; this one's for Lucozade fanciers, I'm afraid. Non-smokers or pensioners who spend all their free time shopping for upmarket leisurewear. And queuing for lottery tickets.

So there we have it. Blue Bolt is hands down winner. A vegan KO with added taurine and caffeine. Mmmmm. And just a hint of bubblegum.

More here. This individual has an entire site devoted to the celebration of energy drinks. And I thought I was addicted to supermarket sludge.

How much fun can you stand without adding alcohol ?

THE SALAMBOS: SALAMBO PART 1 from "Salambo Parts 1 & 2" 45 (Beverly Hills) 1970 (US)


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