Wednesday, September 10, 2008

fast 4: being boiled

fast 4A.

fast 4B.

"Okay, ready; let's do it."

From Wiki:

"...The Human League put out a demo tape to record companies under their new name. The tape contained versions of "Being Boiled", "Toyota City" and "Circus of Death". One label, Bob Last’s Edinburgh based independent Fast Records responded and the band were signed."

"Listen to the voice of Buddha
saying stop your sericulture
Little people like your offspring
boiled alive for some god's stocking
Buddhas watching Buddhas waiting."

John Lydon dismissed this outfit as nothing more than "trendy hippies".

Fair enough. But I rather liked it.

And so began a career which was to end disastrously in oceans of smeared kohl eye-liner and disco pregnancies.

THE HUMAN LEAGUE: BEING BOILED (MONO) from "Being Boiled b/w Circus Of Death" 45 (Fast Product) 1978 (UK)




Peewit said...

My copy's slightly less creased than yours

my comment about AMDWHAH related to this post

specifically "There are blogs I enjoy reading, but I have nothing constructive to add. I am grateful that I have learned something new, or that I've been entertained, but don't think just to say "thanks". And to say "thanks" to every single post on the blogs I read regularly would seem a little silly."

In other words I've enjoyed and read your fine words but nothing has prompted me to put finger to keyboard

My verification word "idzui" sounds like a dish on the Wagamama menu

ib said...

Ah. I get you.

I left a comment on that very post today; after checking in to see what you were getting at. He summed up the blogger's predicament really eloquently but - as you rightly point out - my reply didn't add anything of note.

But he's right. It's always encouraging to get a response - or rather, when you don't you begin to sweat. Typically, the post on here which has generated the most 'activity' lately has been the one on Buddy Holly. With not one comment.

Anyway, I'm glad there has been something or other to keep you coming back. By the way, I liked your Welsh photographs. The view from the hotel room is beautiful.

Wagamama ?

Peewit said...

Wagamama- the chain of pseudo-Japanese restaurants that are my kids' new favourite

ib said...

Thanks for the tip!

I see there's one in Glasgow. My son is a huge fan of sushi; but only TESCO sushi... a young man of taste. (?)

I might try to wean him onto this. Beats Burger King / McDonalds.

Your driver said...

I used to have this one too! I could never make up my mind if I liked it or not. Still can't. Nice to come across it again, but I'm leaning towards the 'don't like it' end of things.

ib said...

I know where you're coming from on the "Do I ?/Don't I ?" thing. Immediately before I posted this, I was listening to it, thinking "This is great..." and once it was up there it seemed a weak decision.

One thing is beyond doubt. This 45 had a huge effect on the Electro scene which would emerge in Detroit and NYC in the 80s.