Sunday, September 14, 2008

the king and the rubber room

not nashville, but close.

"ready, waiting" by john collier, 2007.

If you are experiencing playback problems, brothers and sisters, let me advise you - once again - that this appears to be an unannounced server maintenance issue. They have my money, people. I find it generally disconcerting when I am given no forewarning.

I get agitated, frankly.

This one has much more to do with the Memphis connection, and less to do with the obvious.

The first is a Johnny Cash composition, unreleased until it was well past timely; 25 years later. The second is not the more famous Madison Square 'live" single, but the afternoon matinee performance recorded on the same day: 6th October, 1972.

Written, of course, by the late Mickey Newbury. Only released in 1997, belatedly, on the RCA label.

PORTER WAGONER: COMMITTED TO PARKVIEW from "Wagonmaster" CD (Anti) 2007 (US)

ELVIS PRESLEY: AN AMERICAN TRILOGY from "Elvis: An Afternoon In The Garden" CD (RCA Victor) 1997 (US)



Your driver said...

It was a tough call whether to post "Rubber Room" or "Parkview". Porter could sure do nuts.

ib said...

I read your Andy Kimmel post, but it escaped me that you'd posted "Rubber Room"! Either that, or it subliminally made me want to put up "Parkview"...

Both are excellent, as you rightly point out. What a very strange old kook Wagoner was. A man of much greater talent than his Nashville audience ever guessed, I think. Or am I being unfair ?

Your driver said...

He had his admirers. Later in his career he was mostly know as the guy who discovered Dolly Parton. I doubt anyone watches the videos I post, but I would recommend the Kimmel video. Those guys are fuckin' nuts, bless their hearts.