Thursday, September 11, 2008

green fingers #2: maybe tomorrow

a younger green.

blue note BST - 84373.

Written by A. Bergman; N. Bergman; Q. Jones. Produced by George Butler, engineered by Rudy Van Gelder.

Accompanied by Chuck Rainey: bass; Ray Armando: congas; Idris Muhammad: drums; Harold Cardwell: drums, percussion; Emanuel Riggins: electric piano; Billy Wooten: vibraphone.

From Celebrity Rock Guitars:

"Grant Green was born in St. Louis on June 6, 1931
, learned his instrument in grade school from his guitar-playing father and was playing professionally by the age of thirteen with a gospel group. He worked gigs in his home town and in East St. Louis, IL, until he moved to New York in 1960 at the suggestion of Lou Donaldson.

Sadly, drug problems interrupted his career in the '60s, and undoubtedly contributed to the illness he suffered in the late '70s. Green was hospitalized in 1978 and died a year later. Despite some rather uneven LPs near the end of his career, the great body of his work represents marvelous soul-jazz, bebop, and blues."

Thanks to My Jazz World for the vinyl rip and for turning me on to this LP in the first instance.

Or 1935, according to other sources.

GRANT GREEN: MAYBE TOMORROW from "Visions" LP (Blue Note) 1971



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