Saturday, September 27, 2008

promised land

photograph by troy paiva.

A magnificent reworking of Chuck Berry's classic by South Louisiana's king of Acadia, Johnnie Allan. Cajun coupling with rock n' roll.

This was a huge hit in the UK on Oval Records, distributed by Virgin, in 1974, as a split single with Shelton Dunaway on the reverse. My friend, Gus, picked it up in a junk shop in Dundee that same year.

Originally recorded for Jin & Swallow Records in Ville Platte, Louisiana, at KLEB Radio Station in Golden Meadow, Louisiana. JIN 244. Accordion by Belton Richard. Produced by Floyd Soileau.

Stiff Records would re-release this one in 1978.

JOHNNIE ALLAN: THE PROMISED LAND from "The Promised Land b/w Somewhere On Skid Row" 45 (Jin & Swallow) 1971 (US)



Mick said...

You may (or may not) be interested in this country version also from 1971. It’s what I thought of when I started reading this post. It’s by Freddy Weller formerly guitarist with Paul Revere & The Raiders. I grew up with it and always liked it.

Freddy Weller – The Promised Land

ib said...

Thanks, Mick!

ib said...

Great version, too. I don't believe I've heard this one before.

Mike said...

Thanks for the Johnnie Allan version. It's great. I wonder how many bands have covered this song. It must be hundreds.

ib said...

Glad you like this one, Mike. Gus had e-mailed me it over late Friday night. I originally intended to post several other versions with it - including the Elvis P. cover - but decided to let it stand alone. What a song.

Mike said...