Friday, September 26, 2008

son of a bitch

I am brushing
the RTA which
is my mouth,
teeth, when I glimpse
in the bathroom

God Damn.

If it wasn't
for the mildewed spots
like a cancer
on the glass
I might almost be a

handsome son of a bitch.


Unknown said...

Pt. the 44th...

In which the witch cut a switch
Lashed you like the he sum'bitch
You were...
When all'a that 'real' shit came down...
Stitched yer itch, in a NY minute.
Worked yer soul for a discount.
Struck it.
Stiffed a tab and walked out.

ib said...

Hey. Actually, I kinda like that. It's a bit like Bob Dylan's 300156th Dream.

And I was starting from the premise that your comment was a calculated insult. I like it nonetheless.