Monday, September 29, 2008

rolling stones: stupid girl

When I busked "Lady Jane" about thirty years ago in Edinburgh - during the Festival, admittedly - I had pretty young girls from Tel Aviv hanging all over my fretboard. Following me into the dank accesses of an open alleyway normally barricaded with decaying wrought iron.

And yesterday's papers. I like Jewish Princesses. Oh, yes. Long silky hair like an urban Rapunzel. Look out, Amy Winehouse; I'm on your tail.

Anyway. I already told you about my Robert Crumb fixation.

Produced by Andrew Loog Oldham. Engineered by David Hassinger. Piano by Ian Stewart. Released April, 1966.

THE ROLLING STONES: STUPID GIRL from "Aftermath" LP (Decca) 1966 (UK)



LV said...

how cool does Brian Jones look?
Johnny Marr lifted his early style from this album cover...somewhere in time, revisionists have created the myth that Keith Richards was the cool one, and Brian has been portrayed as a clown and a nasty person, and his talent and contribution to the stones has been devalued...i blame Johnny Depp...anyway, great band(then)great album and fagtastic cover!

ib said...


my son was the spit of Brian Jones from the moment he was born, so of course, I'm biased! All that was missing was the high coned velvet cap off "Satanic Majesties Request". Mr. Magic Mushroom. A chip off the old block.

LV said...

hey thanks, with these recent posts you have reminded me what I love about the Rolling Stones...great choice of songs