Sunday, September 28, 2008

better than digging a ditch

the good sister presents.

building new roads. immaculate heart of mary. class of 1929.

building new roads, 1929.

Recorded at Olympic Studios, London, England, March 17th - June 28th, 1968. Overdubbed and mixed at Sunset Sound Studios, Los Angeles, USA, July 6th - July 25th, 1968.

Produced by Jimmy Miller. Engineered by Glyn Johns and Eddie Kramer.

Piano by the outrageously gifted Nicky Hopkins.

THE ROLLING STONES: JIG-SAW PUZZLE from "Beggars Banquet" LP (Decca) 1968 (UK)

THE ROLLING STONES: JIG-SAW PUZZLE from "Sympathy For The Devil: Beggars Banquet Outtakes" LP (The Good Sister Presents) 1968 (UK)



Brushback said...

I'm lukewarm to most Stones stuff up until "Exile" and "Sticky Fingers", and then I go crazy.

"Jig Saw Puzzle" isn't a bad cut, though, once you get to the second half of it.

ib said...

"isn't a bad cut" ??!!!


I agree with you on "Exile", in particular, mind you. But how can you possibly be lukewarm to earlier stuff ?

ib said...

Well, of course. Cheap Trick ?

LV said...

i adore this song, i think it is a peak, it has everything that exile on main street has but in one song, yet it isn't jaded and spoilt, it still has the optimism and swagger of youth....Out of Our Heads was always my fave stones album for the songs and Beggars Banquet for the sexy, lazy vibe...and Micks "fagginess" was charming.

ib said...

Thank you, LV. "Out of Our Heads" is a great album, but my favourite is "Aftermath".

I love The Rolling Stones. And Brian Jones.

Brushback said...

I guess I should re-acqaint myself with "Beggars Banquet", since obviously I'm overlooking something. I think I just prefer the Stones when they sound more like a bar band from Middle America, without the sitars and bells and all that crap. One of my odd quirks I guess.

As for Cheap Trick, Robin Zander might've looked faggy, but he wasn't prancing around all limpwristed in tights. So he's got that going for him.

ib said...

Ha! Don't forget that bare titted shit on a couple of Japanese bikes masquerading as Harley Fat Boys. Limpwristed and no throttle.

Brushback said...

Does that mean "In Color"? Don't forget, they're on mopeds on the back cover, which completes the joke.

I think the one word that sums up Cheap Trick's recordings throughout their career is "underpowered", anyway. But, they sound like a bar band from Middle America! ROCK!

ib said...

Mopeds ? Yes. Well, if they'd been on Vespas they might just have got away with it. Mopeds ? That's totally homosexual, man...

ib said...

Note the total refusal on my part to concede any element of irony therein.