Wednesday, September 3, 2008

your multilingual business friend

the right honourable anthony eden, in a homburg.
british prime minister from 1955 - 1957.

"Your multilingual business friend

Has packed her bags and fled

Leaving only ash-filled ashtrays
And the lipsticked unmade bed

The mirror on reflection

Has climbed back upon the wall

For the floor she found descended

And the ceiling was too tall."

Keith Reed.

From the original 1967 Regal Zonophone album release, this is my favourite Procol Harum single, I think - I've bought it three times since it was originally released - with the possible exception of the stupendous "A Salty Dog" from 1969.

With a tip of the homburg to Emmett on Art Decade.

Possibly remixed at one David Gilmour's house boat cum recording studio on London's River Thames. Lyrics by Keith Reed; music by
Gary Brooker.

PROCOL HARUM: HOMBURG from "homburg b/w Good Captain Clack" 45 (Regal Zonophone) 1967 (UK)



WZJN said...

Outstanding. One tends to forget, without musical reminder, just how great Procol Harum was.

ib said...

Agreed, WZJN, agreed.

They are one of those groups a lot of people have difficulty with, simply because of the unlimited exposure "Whiter Shade Of Pale" has had over the last forty years. I still love that particular song, but it's always worth playing their other stuff just to remind you how fantastic they were.

I think Gary Brooker's vocals too were astounding in their own right, his keyboard skills not withstanding.

Thanks for the comment.

Jonas Blind Hen said...

Terrific song. Just a little note: It's Reid, not Reed,