Thursday, September 4, 2008

radio birdman: the sire machine turns you up

birdman logo.

Brushback featured an Australian 45 import recently On One Base On An Overthrow, The New Christs' "Born Out Of Time" from 1985 on the Sonics label. It reminded vaguely of Deniz Tek's Radio Birdman, no surprise it transpired since it features Birdman vocalist, Rob Younger.

Formed by Tek and Younger in Sydney, 1974, they took their name from a misheard line from the Stooges' "1970", allegedly, their sound from the off owing much to the garage heritage of Detroit, Michigan; hardly surprising again since Tek was born and raised in Ann Arbor before moving to Australia in 1972 to train as an ER doctor.

I wonder if he improvises with sutures ? Or does he leave that to a nurse in fishnet pantyhose and plug a guitar directly into his patient's life support machine ?

I first heard this on a Sire records sampler in 1977/8. It was on my turntable a lot. Straight up rock n' roll with precious few frills.

This is for our Australian visitors, of whom there are a few. Cheers. Aloha, Steve and Danno!

RADIO BIRDMAN: HAND OF LAW from "Radios Appear" LP (Trafalgar) 1977 (Australia)



ib said...

It's always bad juju to tempt fate. No sooner had I mentioned our antipodean visitors than all those little orange dots disappeared off of the map!

Bless you!

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

No one has flown the Stooges' flag into more battles than the extended Radio Birdman family. My love of the band once had a few people calling me Radio Beerman.

ib said...

Radio Beerman, eh ? I like it.

Nice new avatar thingy too.

exilestreet said...

Thanx for this, but i was you still have the Sire Machine Turns You Up album...I used to but am desperately trying to get a copy of the Richard Hell version of 'You Gotta Lose' from that as it is the only place where that appears...
If you could pos email me @ monastreet at gmail dot com it would be brilliant. In the meantime.