Monday, September 29, 2008

mick jagger: memo from turner

vince whirlwind: memo from turner.

Paranoia. And descent into schizophrenic ambivalence. Directed by Donald Cammell and Nicholas Roeg. Ugly. Faggy. Good shit, Brushback.

Recorded on 17 November 1968. Written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richard. Boris and Dirt.

MICK JAGGER: MEMO FROM TURNER from "Performance (OST)" LP (Warner Bros.) 1970 (UK)



Brushback said...

Okay, this is good, because it's straight-up.

What, no "Fucking Andrew" or "Cocksucker Blues"?

ib said...

Straight up, cocksucker.

No blues.

Brushback said...

Man, you gotta have a copy of "Cocksucker Blues" hanging around somewhere. Don't let me down.

ib said...

"We-eeeee-eelllll! Ahm a lo-oooonely schoolbo-ooo-oy...."

ib said...

Hey ! You do have this, right ? If not I can send you a link.