Tuesday, September 9, 2008


jim motherf@cking osterburg. born april 21st, 1947. taurus.

Don't give me no bull.

Originally mixed by Don Gallucci - the full unfolded drama of which may be relived (or reviled) on the deluxe Rhino edition of the Stooges' second long player, the impacted fall-out from the casual heat of this album cannot be exaggerated. This is the the sound of disaffected youth reaching out to snag the wrinkled throat of intellectual didactic and commercially sponsored rectitude.

And I don't just mean Johnny Carson.

F@ck Rolling Stone. F@ck Sonny Barger. The Stooges delivered on a blue collar promise to f@ck them all.

Forget at your peril, brothers and sisters, that Iggy's idol was one James Morrison. The Stooges were the bad neighbours on your block, but they were by no means the simple dope smoking draft dodgers of populist fantasy ; these boys genuinely could not give a shit.

You want a piece of me, motherf@cker ? Come and get it. I can hurt myself a lot worse than your half-assed lieutenants ever could. F@ck Oakland. This is Detroit City, and if Detroit don't like me they might as well go suck my dick as well. Hells Angels ? You ain't Lee Marvin; you're Lee Marvin's f@cking dad. And f@ck your old lady 'cause she can't f@ck for shit.

This is it. Punk rock. No faking. No shit. Just down and out dirty rock n' f@cking roll, little doll.

You wanna f@ck me over, shit for brains ?

Best bring that motherf@ckin' tyre iron.

F@ck all your f@ckin' hierarchies.

Step right up, brothers and sisters. Give me your best shot.

And, most of all, f@ck MTV.

THE STOOGES: LOOSE from "Fun House" LP (Elektra) 1970 (US)



Your driver said...

If you ever get a chance, watch the video Stooges, Live In Detroit. It's a performance video from their reunion tour. The Detroit performance is no big deal, but watch the live in store appearance in the special features. It's Iggy on the store PA, Ron Asheton on guitar with a fuzzwah through a tiny practice amp and a suitcase, a box and a trash can substituting for a drum set. It is a brilliant performance, but it also features Iggy talking about what it meant to be a Stooge in 1969 and how the world has changed. Really powerful stuff.

ib said...

That is a video performance I would like to see.

I find it vaguely embarrassing seeing Iggy now playing to packed stadiums, and promoting anything which pays a buck, although I am not so self-righteous as to vilify him for grabbing his share of the pie at long last.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

I got to hold Iggy above a crowd of his fans. That was a moment to hold onto. It was not in Detroit's long gone heyday. "Funhouse" is one creative steaming pile of crap.

Dope City would sure like seeing The Stooges once more.

ib said...

I have yet to meet anybody who succeeded in seeing Iggy in his Detroit heyday. Not in the flesh and bone at least.

Surely there are still some left out there.

Your driver said...

He used to play at a bar in Ann Arbor, post Stooges, pre Bowie. My friend, Kimmie, whom I've mentioned many times before, was a bar maid there. Iggy playing with a pick up band composed of former members of the MC5 and The Rationals. Kimmie got me on the guest list many times and I never bothered to show up. Couldn't afford to miss a shift at my janitor job. Boy did I fuck up. This was the same Kimmie who went with her boyfriend, Carl, the murderous teen age junkie to try and ponce drugs from the New York Dolls in New Jersey. Carl stole a bunch of stuff from their dressing room. After being stabbed by Carl, Kimmie moved back to New York, where she knew Debbie Harry and the Ramones before they were in Blondie and The Ramones. Oddly enough, Kimmie is just not that into music. She just has a knack for meeting people. If you met her, you would never guess that she could tell such stories.

ib said...

Great story, Jon. I remember Danny Sugerman recounting how Iggy would go and recuperate at the MC5 family place where he'd eat lots of green vegetables and swim (the ocean ? Lake Michigan, surely... I don't remember).

Next time you see Kimmie, please tell her I said hello.