Monday, June 23, 2008

breaking news: glasgow dolphin

I wasn't intending on putting up another post today, but this selection is prompted by the sad news that a deep marine dolphin - seriously injured and disoriented - is not expected to survive having inadvertently ventured up the River Clyde towards Glasgow's City Centre.

The best hope for its making it back out into open water, it appears, is that the distressed creature beaches itself and gives rescuers the opportunity to intervene.

For more from the BBC see here.

FRED NEIL: THE DOLPHINS from "Fred Neil" LP (Capitol) 1967 (US)



ib said...

Unfortunately, there have have been no further sightings of the dolphin since yesterday. The odds on its surviving have deteriorated.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Freddy would have really appreciated this post, and your concern. Damn I need to pull out that album again. I never even heard the follow up yet, I've got some work to do!

Hey ib, when are we going to get direct links? It makes a world of difference in that you can use something like Foxytunes or the Yahoo Player (my site, art decade etc..) and just listen off the page.

Going great so far if not a little difficult to keep up with! dig it.

ib said...

Thanks for the comment, Brendan. I've only heard this Fred Neil track from the 1967 album, and the 1965 "Bleeker & McDougal" LP. Shame about the dolphin.

The direct links thing is causing me a great deal of head scratching, so far. DivShare (which I like) offers direct links but only supports WordPress, I think. I've tried to embed with little success.

Anonymous said...

Was just reading about a chap named Cyrus Faryar who covers this tune. Wonder if his version's any good

ib said...

I Haven't heard this cover either, Emmett. If you get hold of it I'd love to hear it.

I wasn't that enamoured with Tim Buckley's version, but that's another story!