Sunday, June 1, 2008

media hosting query: tell me why

If anyone dropping in has any advice on how to embed files for console play within the page, i'd appreciate some input. Currently, I'm using MediaFire as a free hosting sevice, but you will notice that clicking on an audio link redirects the visitor (you!) to a new page with a download option. This process is a little cumbersome when dealing with individual files, the whole intention of this site being to provide the user with a sense of immediacy. Ideas, anybody ?


Anonymous said...

you can embed with although i'm not sure how long the retention rate is with that.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip. divShare, i think, may well be a better option for now - although i still find it impossible to embed on Blogger! Cheers.

Mike said...

Maybe Emmett has already told you about this, but you might want to find a service that allows you to link to the MP3 file directly. Blog aggregators such as Hype Machine and only pick up on .mp3 links (as far a I know, though I might be wrong), and it's worth accommodating those sites for increased traffic.

Your site looks great so far! We could use some of your design skills to dress up our site a bit.

ib said...

Yeah, Emmett mentioned Box.Net and Yahoo! as potential FTPs (?) but i'm kind of unsure how to proceed. The big attraction with divShare and MediaFire is that they offer a free service, and, to quote the song, "money's too tight to mention"!

It hadn't occurred to me to even consider HypeMachine and as a means to increase trafic, but it's a very good point you make.

If it's not to much to ask, could you possibly e-mail with some advice, Mike ?
Direct linking is definitely the route i want to go down, so a good service at a reasonable (cheap!) rate would be the best option.

Unknown said...

I use
It's ok, as long as traffic is low. Some site was hotlinking the files I had posted on Star Maker Machine, though, and blew through my monthy bandwidth in about a week!
But otherwise, seems to be working ok.

ib said...

Thanks for the pointer. Bummer with the bandwith limit boil-over, but the name "" sounds too much like a clue!