Thursday, June 5, 2008

la düsseldorf


A splinter project from mighty krautrockers, Neu!, Klaus Dinger and younger brother, Thomas, began experimenting with more "song" oriented material on making their break from the violence and dischord which had grown around the greatest collective on the German progressive scene.

I first heard the title track from this album broadcast on the 'John Peel Show' in 1977 while laid-up in bed recovering from a viral infection. The curtains were tightly drawn and I could hear kids outside still volleying footballs well into a late humid summer's night. Coincidentally, the song kicked-off with the stadium chanting of an assembled audience hungry for goals, and if not, a pitch invasion. It didn't seem like a coincidence as I lay there quietly sweating.

I am still convinced, listening to this now, that Malcolm McLaren must have had this album stashed behind the counter of Seditionaries on the Kings Road, London while "auditioning" John Lydon for the Sex Pistols. Listen to the vocals and you'll see what I mean.

Recorded September - December 1975 at La Düsseldorf & Conny Plank's Studio; engineered by Conny Plank and assisted by Petrus & Udo.

LA DUSSELDORF: LA DUSSELDORF from "La Düsseldorf" LP (Germaohon/Captain Trip) 1976 (Germany)

LA DUSSELDORF: SILVER CLOUD from "La Düsseldorf" LP (Germaohon/Captain Trip) 1976 (Germany)



Anonymous said...

Kennen Sie Dusseldorf, Bumser?

ib said...

Hey anon. I don't speak german, but can i take it that's not exactly a friendly comment ?

CageM said...

Awesome, thanks!

ib said...

hey cagem, glad you enjoyed it!

Scarab said...

I swear I hear the end of 'Fearless' by Pink Floyd w/that soccer chant.

ib said...

Yes, Scarab! And another great album, incidentally.