Tuesday, June 17, 2008

the fall: the palace of excess

The Palace Of Excess. William Blake: 28 Nov. 1757 - 12 Aug. 1827.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey recently reminded me where this quote comes from.
I used to be a commercial illustrator until my world went pear-shaped, and William Blake was an influence not least because of his rebellious tenacity and unassailable doggedness. Mervyn Peake was on that list too.

And Robert Crumb.

Originally a huge hit for Sister Sledge, this b-side just about sums up my life.
I need to stop already with all this free advertising.

THE FALL: LOST IN MUSIC from "Why Are People Grudgeful ?" 12" 45 (Cog Sinister/Permanent) 1993 (UK)



Your driver said...

That's a pretty good list of influences brother. I would claim Blake as my number one influence. People who know me get tired of hearing about him.

ib said...

As far as writing goes, I would probably have to add Raymond Carver to the list of usual suspects. What he lacks in humour he makes up for in painfully halogen focus.