Sunday, June 8, 2008

communiqué #2

Friends of SibLINGSHOT, at a little after noon this Sunday, disaster struck whilst in the midst of some minor mid-morning site maintenance. You may have noticed the sidebar links to "honorary siblings" to the right of the page mysteriously vanished into the ether earlier. Sadly, the data therein appeared, to all intents, irretrievably lost.

The prognosis was not good.

Since then we have toiled ceaselessly on your behalf to reinstate those missing links manually. Should you identify your good self as one - low forehead ; vaguely neanderthal gait - please leave a comment post haste and we will endeavour to set the record straight. To all those already reinterred, kindly disregard this message.

Thank you.


Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

I sometimes wonder what my old English mates are doing. Spanking each other on a Sunday afternoon such as this I expect. Eddie and the Hot Rods' Thriller being played on a turntable that could use a new needle. Counting down the days to Solstice with a paddle.

ib said...

Hey, Beer. Nice to see you. Indeed, you may well be right regarding the homoerotic exploits of my English bretheren. Fortunately, up here in Scotland the inclement weather precludes indulging in such activities. Better just to sit inside and spank the monkey.

Eddie and the Hot Rods were good, though.