Saturday, June 14, 2008

an interlude: fairport convention

I shouldered my way through the swinging fire door which separates our living room from the hall and slammed my ass into the rotating chair in front of my PC. My face was flushed and beaded with perspiration.

"What's wrong ? " Rosa enquired. She was reclining on the sagging settee in front of where the television used to be before it caught fire and burned itself out. The radio was not quite tuned to a talk show station. "Are you alright ?"

"It's nothing," I said. Lying as usual. "I can feel a post coming on..."

"God damn you !" she yelled. "You're always on that fucking computer ! You might as well wire yourself into it permenantly and be done with it."

She hurled her shoe across the empty space between us.

"But I could be dead tomorrow, " I whined. "I've got to get it all out before it's too late !"

Once, a long time ago, I was arguing with a work colleague regarding the merits or not of Gilbert O'Sullivan when he turned to me in disgust. Gilbert was a highly prolific singer & songwriter, he informed me. Just look at the number of hits he achieved. You can't argue with that. I turned to him and smiled evilly.

That's right, I said. Sometimes I go for a shit three times a day.

Look at me now.

FAIRPORT CONVENTION: WHO KNOWS WHERE THE TIME GOES ? from "Unhalfbricking" LP (Island) 1969 (UK)



ib said...

A few people have advised me now that i'm perhaps posting too much. They are probably right.

It's good to be regular, but there's little to be gained in just going through the motions.

There's too much going on globally on the web - to say nothing of real life - to keep up this frenzied tapping away on the old keyboard. Some decent toilet training is in order, so I'm going to ease up a tad and endeavour to settle into a more solid routine. I'm going to try my best to make this daily (b)log a little easier to digest.(cue applause)

Stay tuned by all means, but take it easy. Rosa will be much happier too.

Mike said...

Just don't quit entirely. I am really enjoying your blog.

ib said...

Hey Mike, good to hear from you! I won't be quitting ; the hardest thing to do is to stick to my word as i've laid it out in the naked light of day.

Clearly I suffer from a compulsive personality disorder!

Glad you're enjoying it, dude. Keep coming back.