Sunday, June 29, 2008

'fatal' microbes

Wonder Weeny 3

fatal microbes #1 (1978):
Honey Bane; vocals
Pete Fender; guitar
Scotty Boy Barker; bass
Gem Stone
; drums

This 45 first appeared in 1978 on one side of a Small Wonder 12" split with the Poison Girls, sharing two songs apiece. It received a fair bit of airplay on the John Peel Show at the time and as a result was re-released as an EP with a third song, "Cry Baby" in 1979 on the same label.
The highly marketable Honey Bane, of course, was subsequently picked-up by anarcho-punks, Crass, who made much of her questionable teenage 'street chick' pedigree. When that failed to light up the charts, she did a few topless shots à la Wendy O' Wiliams of the Plasmatics and hooked up with veteran wideboy of Sham 69 'fame', Jimmy Pursey.
It was all down hill from then.
Whatever the outcome, I always quite liked this song. Having read about Mr. Beer N. Hockey's friend Stan's daughter coming to grief in Dope City recently, it seems just as apposite now in our era of mobile phones and consumer envy. Ho hum.

VIOLENCE GROWS from "Violence Grows b/w Beautiful Pictures" 7" & 12" (XN TRIX/Small Wonder) 1978/79 (UK)

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