Monday, June 9, 2008

charles bukowski

cloud nine.

If you fly too high, of course, you may well land on cloud 9. And no one likes a cocky bastard. Least of all the U.S. Postal Service.

Recorded at MCCC-TV studio, Detroit - 31st October 1974 - and released on Giorno Poetry Systems, here's a taste of literary submission from downtown Hollywood. This is for Beer, whose black day at the track had an unexpected silver lining.




Unknown said...

When I first heard Bukowski's voice, after years of reading, I was shocked. I was expecting a Waitsian growl instead of sneering, sighing whining.
After many listens of Hostage and 70 Minutes in Hell, it has grown on me though.
Thanks for this.

ib said...

The same was true for me. Ditto the Tom Waits expectation ; or Lee Marvin, to be precise. He actually sounds far more ordinary and defeated than his writing would give you cause to imagine. It almost lends the stuff previously read more weight than less, I think.

Thanks for the comment, Matt. Good to get the feedback.

Your driver said...

Thanks for "You Keep Me Hangin' On". I'm a big fan of cheezy psychedelia. I saw Buk reading in SF many years ago. Like most of the audience, I was drunk and don't remember much. Good work linking to Mr. Beer N. Hockey. He's one of the high points of the internet. I wonder if he's really as shy and nervous as Bukowski seemed when I saw him. No matter, he's a great writer.

ib said...

Jon, you are welcome to the Tea Company ; I like a healthy side order of cheese with my psych, too. It acts like an antacid. I'm jealous that you saw Buk, of course. But hey... it wasn't meant to be.

Thank you for taking the time to drop by and leave a comment. I appreciate it.

I've linked to your site too. Hope you don't mind. I read some of your comments on Beer's site, and you have class.


Your driver said...

Hey, thanks for the link. I'll add you to my links. Bukowski came on stage and drank a beer for every poem. I lost count, but it's a wonder he didn't have to get up and piss. I'm trying to figure out how I might post some music at my site. I'm afraid to ask anybody, for fear I'll sound like the FBI.

Oh and thanks for Kick Out The Jams. I used to live in Detroit and I was a teenage White Panther in New Jersey. One of my great regrets is that I didn't defy my parents and run off to Queens to see the 5 with The Stooges. Actually, I have several regrets concerning Iggy. I saw Wayne Kramer many years later. It wasn't a particularly distinguished show, but I was there.

ib said...

Detroit City. Where the people eat cars.

Actually, it's really pretty straightforward to host music on a site. Check out my earlier post on media hosting, which was really more of a cry for help than a query.

Your driver said...

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