Friday, June 13, 2008

communiqué #5: alabama kids

I've just this moment stepped out a bath hot enough to rattle Lee Marvin in Cat Ballou. Jane Fonda was especially sexy in that movie, don't you think ?

Anyway, while I was stewing under the suds I got to thinking of the Alabama Kids.

I lived in the Bastion in Breda - in the south of Holland - for a short spell in the early 90s. Breda was the bithplace of Colonel Tom Parker, I believe ; I have it on good authority. The Alabama Kids were either from Breda or Eindhoven. Rotterdam possibly. They were a great group, and it's always been a minor grievance to me that I neglected to purchase their CD when I was out there. My brain was a little fried at the time. A lot of bad shit happened then, too. I think I may have met them once but I really can't remember.

They were a good deal more exciting to me than The Nits, another Dutch band from the same period.

I still have their 1991/2 album on cassette somewhere, but the fidelity is dreadful. I'd dearly like to post them up on this site. If anybody dropping in here from the Netherlands has the opportunity to set the record straight, please either leave a comment or e-mail me at the address quoted on the right hand of the page.

Shine on you crazy diamond.



Brushback said...

Hey, ib, there's a whole bunch of Alabama Kids releases available through, if you're still looking for them...

Alabama Kids on Gemm

Gemm is a sort of "collector's clearing house"-- a lot of overpriced, supposedly "rare" records are posted on it, but there's some good stuff, too...

ib said...

Hey, thanks for that, Brushback.

I looked on Gemm but I got a better price through MusicStack (I think)...

I didn't like the payment method options on Gemm, either.