Friday, June 6, 2008


in search of deep space.

Two from Hawkwind, as in fingers jutting above the parapet.

Both tracks recorded at Olympic Studios and Barnes & London Air Studios, and featuring the elegantly named Ian Fraser Kilmister on bass and vocals. If you haven't yet dropped in on dope city press, please do so. Some seriously funny shit ; this man is forewarned and very possibly dangerous.

HAWKWIND: SILVER MACHINE from "Kings Of Speed" 45 (UA) 1975 (UK)

HAWKWIND: SPACE IS DEEP from "Doremi Fasol Latido" LP (UA) 1972 (UK)


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ib said...

I always feel that you need to be suitably ripped to get the full benefit of "Silver Machine". Otherwise, it kind of nosedives on the intro, and sounds horribly as if Tim Curry from The Rocky Horror Picture Show is about to come in on the vocal.

If you're flying though, it keeps on climbing...