Tuesday, June 17, 2008

miles davis

a black rose in spanish harlem.

A radically different statement to "In A Silent Way", released in the same year, "Bitches Brew" is abrasive and full of as much sinewy workout as anything by the Stooges.

Recorded in Columbia Studio B, NYC, on 21st August 1969, this dizzying near eighteen minute strut takes out the trash and keeps on walking you down to the midnight river.

Drums by Jumma Santos (Jim Riley).

MILES DAVIS: SPANISH KEY from "Bitches Brew" 2 x LP (Columbia) 1969 (US)



Unknown said...

This one's going straight into my .mp3 player. I do a lot of walking, but am going to attempt to interject some 'strut' in my step.

ib said...

yo, matt - miles is the man, no doubt about it. It's a wonder, when you stop and actually think about it, that more gyms don't seem to have "Bitches Brew" or "On The Corner" blaring through the double doors and into the reception.