Friday, June 6, 2008


why did you do it ?
Stretch were a UK duo - Elmer Gantry & Kirby (dig the pseudonyms!) - who scored a modest Top 20 hit on the UK independent label, Anchor. By 1977 this great label was fighting receivership, but promptly snapped back into business like an elastic band with the arrival of punk and a deluge of new signing opportunities.

Is Friday night still curry night, Gus ?

WHY DID YOU DO IT ? from "Elastique" LP (Anchor) 1975 (UK)



Scarab said...

I know I am a little behind on the comments, but I am fairly new to your blog, which is outstanding by the way. Anyway, thought I would start here & go from there. Its funny, but this tune reminds me a bit of a song from the 'Deep Throat' soundtrack.

ib said...

Nice that your inaugural comment should be on this post, Scarab. This was the band, I recently learned, which toured briefly as Fleetwood Mac - put together by the original Mac manger - and were roundly booed off stage after Mic Fleetwood intervened.

This tune is class. And you are right. It has all the cocaine swagger and horn of a porn shoot.

Scarab said...

That is hilarious. What balls! Of course, 1975 was post Bob Welch & the beginning of the late 70's Mac dynasty. I still prefer Peter Green's Mac. What an underrated guitar master. Reminds me of another very underrated guitar god, Terry Kath (Chicago Transit Authority).