Sunday, June 22, 2008

sonic youth

photography by
lesley j. mclaren

It just occurred to me that this album's title is probably in homage to Nick Drake's "Five Leaves Left". Or maybe they just got a roadie to upload a case of Rizla onto their tour bus.

SONIC YOUTH: SUNDAY from "A Thousand Leaves Left" CD (Polydor) 1998 (US)



Lesley McLaren said...

Just a FYI.
the image you have posted for the Sonic Youth album cover isn't correct. I am about 2 years late in commenting on this I see. But bizarrely this is my photograph! Where did you find it?

ib said...

Hi, Lesley.

You are absolutely correct. I stumbled on your photograph at the time of this post, and thought it encapsulated the essence of "A Thousand Leaves Left" perfectly. More so than the cover image. I included a link - as it was then - to your public page, and accredited you as photographer....

I hope this does not in any way offend you. As an artist myself, I publish my own work here under a Creative Commons Attribution License. The site itself is not financially driven.

If you have any objection to the inclusion of your photograph please let me know, and I will, of course, respect your wishes.

Anonymous said...

No, no objection at all! I was just very surprised to see it and simply thought you had mistaken it some how as the album cover.

Some really lovely photos on your website! I will be continuing to visit!